Growing green onions


Growing green onions at home is a fairly simple process. Varieties of onions very much. It all depends on the desired result and the application of future raw materials. There is nothing easier than growing green onions for use in cooking at any time of the year.

What to grow green onions?

For forcing onions on greens use:

  • seeds;
  • seedlings;
  • sevok;

Growing onions at home from seed

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Growing onions from seeds is a rather painstaking process. This will require:

  • seeds;
  • quality soil;
  • good lighting;
  • air temperature is not below + 18 °;
  • patience.

Growing onions at home from seed

The advantage of such cultivation is a long shelf life of greens. The only feature is that you need to feed the plant twice a month.

The onion seeds are laid out in the previously burnt furrows, laid in the soil to a depth of 1.5 cm. In order for the onion seeds to give good germination, they must first be soaked.

When the first green appears, the feeding is done:

  • For dressing shoots of onions use urea, mullein or chicken manure diluted in water in a ratio of 1 to 10.
  • 7-10 liters of fertilizer is applied to one square meter of onion. After that, the area is watered with ordinary water.

Repeated feeding is done in 2-3 weeks after the first.

The soil in which the greens of onions grow should be constantly wet and loose, but there should be no stagnation of water. It is not necessary to water the onions every day.

Growing onions with the seedling method

Growing onions with the seedling method

The seedling method of growing green onions requires greenhouse conditions and laborious work, but is famous for its good yield and fast ripening of greens.

Seeds for seedlings definitely need to germinate. They are planted in the soil no deeper than 1 cm. The term of development of full-fledged sprouts for transplanting to the garden is 55 days.

Sow seeds rivulets. The distance between the rows is maintained at 5 cm. Approximate calculation of seeds per 1 square meter. is 25 g. The temperature when sowing onions should be 25 ° C. As soon as 5 days have passed since the day when the first overgrowth appeared, the temperature drops to 12 °. At this temperature, the seedlings grow for 4 days. After that, a constant air temperature is established, which can vary from 18 to 20 ° C.

Such conditions are respected until the onions are transplanted into the open ground. So as not to transplant the bow before the allotted time, you need to navigate, watching his physical condition. Onion seedlings ready for transplantation have 3-4 leaves with a height of 10-15 cm.

In order for the onions to grow normally in a new place, its leaves are cut to 1/3 the length on the day of planting. The width between the rows should be 20 cm, the distance between the plants is about 4 cm, and the planting depth should be no more than 40 mm.

Watering transplanted plants is made on the basis of the need at the rate of 10 liters of water for 40 plants.

Growing onion seedlings

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Growing onion seedlings

Growing onions at home from the sevka is made directly into the open ground. Therefore, this method of landing is very dependent on weather conditions. There are no special requirements for such a landing. It is important to remember that before you need to select the most beautiful and healthy bulbs.

Such a bow is better to plant in a very wet ground. It is located at a distance of 4 to 10 cm from each other, depending on the size of the set. The distance between the rows must be observed 20 cm.

The ground is pressed tightly against the planted bulbs, and they are covered with sawdust or last year’s leaves, 3 cm thick, on top.

The first shoots appear within a week after planting.

Planting green onions on a feather

Even on inexperienced gardeners can plant onions on feathers. With this method, you can get a clean and healthy product. Suitable for planting such varieties:

  • leek;
  • slizun onions;
  • shallot;
  • batun bow

Another method of growing onions at home

For the cultivation of onions on the feather can be used as seeds, sevok. If you use sevok, then for a good harvest need to take bulbs, the size of which is 3-4 cm in diameter.

After the quality selection of the seed, it should be soaked in water for 40 minutes. It is recommended to plant the tops of the bulb before planting. This greatly increases the forcing of greens.

Landing can be carried out from March to November. There are almost no restrictions. The only rule that needs to be remembered is that the onion does not sit in the frozen and cold ground. To have a harvest year-round, you can plant in containers or greenhouses.

In order to get a quality pen, you need to provide the plant with good lighting. The more light, the brighter, thicker and longer the green.

It is also important and the quality of the soil. For a good growth of onions it is necessary to dig it up before planting as far as possible. Top dressing is needed only in those cases when the earth is weak in fertility. The optimal distance between the beds is 15 cm. It has been verified that the onions planted on the feather far apart are less fruitful.

Relative to moisture, its amount should be average. No need to flood the plant with excess water. Enough daily evening watering.