Breed of bees Bakfast


About beeches you can hear a lot of good reviews. They are very expensive, valued above the Italian and Carpathian bees. But what is their feature? Buck breed bees are indeed considered to be among the most productive and peace-loving. The article will describe how they appeared, how they look, what advantages and disadvantages they have.

How did bees of Buckfast breed appear?

Abbey Backfast

Buckfast Bees is an artificial species created by Brother Adam from Buckfast Abbey in England (hence the name). The creation of this breed took about 70 years. In 1915, Brother Adam came to this abbey and began working there, at the monastery apiary. It was a difficult time for the bees. In those years, they suffered greatly from the tracheal flare - they died out in swarms. Therefore, Brother Adam decided to create a new species that could withstand diseases, would be characterized by peacefulness and excellent productivity.

Italian bees were purchased to restore the apiary. After the winter of 1919, several colonies crossed with local bees survived - this was the basis on which the selection of the future species was built. After several years of work, in 1927 the first task was carried out - the bees were immune to tracheal ticks.

Brother Adam from Buckfast Abbey in England

To improve the quality of the bees, Brother Adam began to hiccup new breeds around the world. In 1960, the blood of Greek bees was added to the then Buckfast. This made them resistant to swarming and peaceful. In the early 1970s, they were also crossed with the Anatolian bee, and then also with the Egyptian and Macedonian bees. The result was a modern Bakfast bee, known to this day with excellent qualities.

Description of bees Bakfast

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So, what does beck breed look like? The weight of a working bee is 110-120 mg, of an unfertilized uterus - 190 mg. Taurus slightly elongated (longer than the Ukrainian Steppe), narrowish, slightly pubescent. The color is almost yellow, but darker than that of the Italians, although not brown. Sometimes it is characterized as yellow-brown. Legs are black, wings are light, with brown tint. The length of the proboscis is 6.5-6.8 mm.

Important! There is no single requirement for the appearance of Backfast. Each beekeeper can have their own characteristics, since there are many impurities - there are various breed lines.

There are three types of bees Buckfast on the exit of the brood - early, middle and late. Also, the lines differ in:

There is no single requirement for the appearance of Bakfast

  • disease resistance;
  • time of wormy womb;
  • the period of performance - some lines can work until late autumn, and others - early spring.

What are the advantages of beeback breed?

What are they bees backfast? In addition to history and appearance, it is quality features that are important for beekeepers. The first thing you need to consider the merits - why about them so well respond?

  • Do not swarm. If this happens, it is extremely rare and, as a rule, due to improper care.
  • They give a large amount of brood in one season - effective reproduction of offspring ensures the rapid growth of the family. During the day, the uterus gives up to 2000 eggs.
  • Uterus is very prolific throughout life.
  • High productivity - they collect a lot of honey for a season, if you choose the right line.

    High productivity - a lot of honey is harvested in a season.

  • Endurance - withstand heat and even frequent rainfall, can overcome long distances.
  • Disease resistance. This is one of the strongest bees in terms of immunity.
  • Bees of breed Backfast are easy to care for. All summer work is reduced to the addition of new buildings and hives and timely cleaning of honey.
  • The character is almost perfect. When viewed from the hive are not excited, do not be angry - quietly go down. Beekeepers who breed Buckfast bees rarely use gloves and costumes, smokes and similar protective equipment.
  • Diversity Different lines offer additional features. So there are bees for early spring and autumn bribes, etc. If you choose the right choice, you can significantly increase profits.
  • Neat - in the evidence everything is clean and beautiful, as if the bees were just settled yesterday. It simplifies the work and cleaning for the beekeeper.
  • They give little propolis, it keeps the hive clean and simplifies the work of the beekeeper.

Does the breed have flaws?

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The disadvantages of a bee of the Buckfast breed also have quite a few, but their advantages overlap, so that they are not particularly taken into account when purchasing the species. And yet the beekeeper must know what he will deal with.

  • Frost resistance is low. To survive in cold regions, they need proper care and a good hive in winter.
  • Such procedures as the division of families, the selection of sealed brood does not apply if the beekeeper wants to get a lot of honey per season. This is both good and bad. The negative side is that you have to completely retrain if the beekeeper worked before with other bees like Karpatka.

    Buckfast is very expensive because the original genetic material was lost.

  • Buck breed bees need attention. Large families - big risks. But the beekeeper must increase all the time the strength of the family, otherwise the weakening of the bribe will begin.
  • Give little propolis. The same point is written in virtues, but it concerns both merits and demerits. If the breeder needs propolis, he will get it from these bees only in small quantities.
  • The big disadvantage is that buying a breed is not easy. She is expensive, and the womb is a canopy of gold. Fetal uterus can cost 300-1000 euros!
  • If you use substandard queens in 2-3 generations, all the positive qualities of the species evaporate, the bees can become aggressive, start digging, and the honey collection will suffer greatly.

Buck breed bees are an amazing and unique species, but unfortunately today there are not many bees. Due to the fact that the original genetic material has been lost, breed production becomes more complicated. And this is one of the main reasons why Buckfast is very expensive. It is worth buying them only in safe places, because it is difficult to verify the authenticity of the species, even after purchasing a breed.

VIDEO - Backfast vs. Karnik Comparison